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Best Dent Pullers 2021 – DIY Paintless Dent Repair Kits

The easy way to fix any dent you have on your car

The aesthetic appearance and value of your vehicle are lowered because of dents and dings. Even though a paint job is the most common method of removing them, there are still other, even easier, and cheaper methods, such as using the best dent puller.

The dent puller does exactly what it sounds like: it pulls out the ding to make it level with the rest of the vehicle. Additionally, they are available in different designs, including suction cups, hammer drill sets, and bridge removal kits.

With this article, we explain the factors to watch out for when buying one and review top-rated dent pullers to help make your shopping easier.

1. Arisd Paintless Dent Repair Puller Kit – Best Overall Dent Puller

Our best overall dent repair kit is this ARISD dent puller model because it can be used on various flat surfaces besides cars, such as refrigerators, motorcycles, and washing machines. Dents and dings can easily be repaired with this tool.

There is a T-puller bar that resembles a hammer that provides a more effective hold and is also quite sturdy. The bar has an inspired design that allows it to be decomposed into a T-bar for even more uses.

YOOHE Paintless Dent Repair Puller Kit (Amazon)

It is a highly durable dent puller made of high carbon stainless steel material and rubber and plastic tabs. In addition to being long-lasting, these tabs will also not damage the auto surface.

It would be nice to be able to organize all the components in a carry bag. Even so, the absence of it is still not a dealbreaker, given that it does not affect the usefulness and effectiveness of the tool.


  • Removes all kinds of dents and dings
  • High quality T-bar
  • Versatile and widely used
  • Very dependable
  • Does not pull out the paint


  • Does not come with carry bag

2. Yoohe 4333093100 – Most Durable Suction Cup Dent Puller

Yoohe’s dent puller features a durable aluminum handle, impact-resistant construction, and a high-quality rubber seal, so it will last you for a long time before it needs to be replaced.

A 4.7-inch diameter suction cup is ideal for repairing medium-sized to large dents, and this top-rated dent puller is 100% eco-friendly.

YOOHE Black Aluminum Suction Cup Dent Puller Handle Lifter – Dent Remover Heavy Duty Glass Lifting (Amazon)

The grip is designed to make removing dents easy and will also let you use the dent puller to lift glass and metal sheets without getting hurt. This versatility is what you need in the best automotive dent pullers.

If color matters to you, this dent puller will be perfect for you as you get to choose between black and silver.

This might not be the best dent puller for you if you have very small dents as it cannot create the airtight seal you need, but for larger dents, it is great.


  • Durable overall construction
  • Large enough suction cup
  • Single stroke pump action
  • Ideal for a variety of application


  • Not very effective for very small dents

3. Super PDR-K1 – Best Puller for Small Dent

For the car owners looking for the best dent puller for small dents that comes at a great price tag, this model by Super PDR will be a great pick. Even the tiniest dents can be covered by the tabs.

Super PDR Bridge Dent Puller Sets Paintless Dent Removal Repair Tool (Amazon)

With 6 different sizes of tabs, it can meet the needs of different situations. Additionally, the size of the dent can also be adjusted according to the severity of the damage.

In order to use it, you simply line up the hole in the middle of the bridge and pull. Moreover, it has a strong and comfortable knob grip to make dent pulling even easier.

Although the adhesive quality of this dent puller is not the best, it should still be good enough for smaller dents given that it is designed for use on them.


  • Highly effective on small dents
  • High-quality and durable materials
  • Easily adjustable design
  • Relatively more affordable


  • Wanting adhesive quality

4. Gliston 45pcs PDR Kit – Best Value for Money

With 45 dent puller pieces, the Gliston 45pcs PDR Kit is very affordable, and you can be confident that this kit will offer great value for money.

As part of this kit, you get a lot of tabs, including 5 for the dent bridge kit and 16 for the dent lifter. Since the tabs come in a variety of sizes, this kit is also ideal for a variety of applications.

GLISTON 45pcs Paintless Dent Repair Tool Dent Puller Kit, (Amazon)

The paintless dent puller is also easy to use and anyone can easily remove dents. With the rubber feet on the dent puller, it will also be more friendly to paint, so you will not have to worry about scratches afterward.

When it comes to more problematic dents and dings, a nice glue gun and extra sticky glue will come in handy.

The glue gun is a little on the smaller size but it still does a fantastic job and should still be good enough for most dents. While the quality of the provided bag is not the best, it should still not be a big concern.


  • More affordable for a 45-piece kit
  • Highly versatile kit
  • Easy to use for anyone
  • Paint friendly dent puller
  • Extra sticky glue


  • Smaller glue gun
  • Wanting bag quality


Q: Are dent pullers really effective?

A: Dent pullers are highly effective at removing dents and dings and will save you from having to repaint your vehicle. But, you still need to choose the best model to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Q: Does Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) last forever?

A: Yes, PDR dent repair is permanent, since it smooths out the surface so it will remain that way unless the vehicle hits something and gets a new dent.

Q: Can All Dents be Removed?

A: It depends. With a dent puller, most dents and dings can be repaired. However, some that are very deep and in an odd shape cannot be pulled out and may require professional panel beating.

Q: Is Paintless Dent Repair Safe?

A: Yes, provided you use a dent puller that has been designed with a soft base that will be print-friendly it should be safe enough for the vehicle. Also, dent pullers are safe for the users as they are simple machines with almost no parts or designs that could cause injury.

Q: How Much Does it Cost to Get Dents Removed?

A: It will depend on the dent pull kit that you buy. But, it can cost as little as $10 given that this is what the cheapest kits will cost. And with the kit you will in many instances not need to buy anything else or pay anyone as you can easily do it yourself. On the higher side, you will hardly ever spend more than $100.

Q: Is PDR Hard to Learn?

A: No, it is quite straightforward to learn and most users will only need a few trials to master the technique. There are even some car dent pullers that you may not even need to read the instructions as they are so easy to use.

Bottom Line

Our dent puller review above should have helped you choose the best dent puller based on your needs and budget.

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